The Vegan Egg

Pepsico and design group italia collaboration

100% vegan alternative to
a chicken egg

The main ingredients are cauliflower, chickpea flour and hempseed. These products provide the main nutritional value, amounts which the 9 essential amino acids.

To add color, flavor and specific vitamins beetroot, spinach and turmeric (curry powder) is added.


It would be a perfect substitute for the chicken egg, used at breakfast, combined with salads or as a snack, just like a regular egg. Due to the ingredients the product adds remarkable flavors to the dish but also works well on its own.


 Study Prototyping 

1.Main ingredients; chickpeas, hempseed, cauliflower.

2.“Yolk” balls made of hempseed & coloring ingredient; spinach, beetroot, turmeric.

3.Vegan egg in mold, “egg white” puree poured in both sides of the mold,  “yolk” placed in center, mold closed.

colours in food DESIGN GROUP ITALIA2.png
colours in food DESIGN GROUP ITALIA.png