The Crystal chips

Pepsico and design group italia collaboration


A transparent potato chip combined with a delicate chocolate, to be enjoyed and appreciated.

This is a transparent potato chips combined with chocolate. The product is made with high quality Belgian chocolate sandwiched by chips made out of fried, salted & dehydrated potato starch.


This creates a delicate, transparent and delicious product that deserves attention while eating it, for example while enjoying a cocktail with friends.


The combination of the salty chip with the sweet chocolate gives a full and intense flavor palate, especially when paired with a beautiful glass of wine or well composed cocktail. This chips is visually stimulation and will be the topic of conversation during a Friday night get together.


Study Prototyping

Top to bottom, left to right:


1: Materials to create broth & gel


2: Gel being dehydrated


3: Result after frying


4: Final result after applying chocolate

Cover transparent chips PRESENTATION.jpg