“A la Mano – extending taste to touch in six courses” by Giulia Soldati and Tommaso Buresti

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I didn’t need to use any tools, just me and the food, I could feel the temperature and the consistency of the cream in a direct, sensory, pleasant, explosive, childish contact at that time but important for our body and mind. It was what happened when my mother made the cake leaving me some cream in the bowl and I could pick it up with my finger, it was the most awaited part, I was there watching the preparation that preceded that moment, where the hands of my mother , covered with dough, mixed in a slow and pleasant movement, all the ingredients.

All this is sometimes forgotten, we preclude that direct contact with what is assimilated by our body, we become part of that ignorance that exists between the time of food preparation and assimilation. We go into a supermarket buying a food with a nice packaging, we take it home, cook it and with a fork and a knife we ​​eat it, or in the case of ready-made foods we put it directly into the plate. We are forgetting what we feed on.

 I found these values ​​and that memory of my mother’s cake in the Giulia Soldati’s project, unic and innovative, where every single fingertip of our hand comes into contact with all the consistencies, temperatures and culinary combinations developed by the food designer in his Contatto Experience menu.

“In the modern West, we have created a lot of barriers between our sensory perception and the world around us. Contatto is a way to challenge that mindset.”   Cit. Giulia Soldati

Everything is studied in detail, strictly changing each ingredient according to the most suitable combinations, because each food has a different consistency and flavor as our hand has several sensitive and less sensitive points. One of the latest demonstrations was made in the menu thought by Giulia Soldati and the Italian chef Tommaso Buresti for the dinner called “A la Mano – extending taste to touch in six courses”.

In the beautiful location of Mediamatic, on the Dutch capital’s canals, I had the honor to take part at the dinner. I witnessed the harvest of the vegetables, with Giulia and Tommaso, directly from the greenhouse adjacent to the restaurant, which will then be served during the event. Finally the guests arrive and, with a welcome cream strictly served on the hand, the banquet begins with the presentation of the two creators.


  • Biancosarti cocktail and orange juice, with orange peel and mint (inspired by futurist cuisine and cocktail Garibaldi, combining Sicilian citrus and campari)

  • Mushroom broth with lime and porcini powder, served in a bowl specially designed for the event, in order to perceive the heat of the broth.

  • Spaghetti with tomato and basil ( inspired by mangiamaccheroni)

  • Risotto with mushrooms and hazelnuts with celeriac cream, accompanied by bitter herbs.

  • Braised chicory with mashed potatoes and green sauce.

  • Chocolate cream with rum and pear and scent of rum and coffee.

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