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Ladies and gentlemen, L’Ex-Designer, a bar entirely printed in 3D, or rather, everything that makes up this space. During my trip in Barcelona I decided to go to say hello to my professor, Martì Guixè, who is the owner of this spectacular bar. 

Martí Guixé, who lives between Barcelona and Berlin, is a Spanish designer who comes to food design with the idea of widening design’s frontiers . In 2001, he started an ex-designer movement, defining himself by the same name. He’s work claims to alter ways of seeing and thinking, needs to evoke constant evaluation of the function and active engagement on the part of the consumer. He’s use to use disposable or cheap materials with the quick character that we can see in his standard approach. For him food design consist to apply a design way to the search for solutions to problems set out by the food sector.

Martì Guixè website

But what is L’Ex –Designer bar?

Made inside a completely empty space, each single piece is printed in 3D, using a material based on gray cornstarch (PLA), starting from the tiles that make up the counter, the walls and the ceiling up to the tools used to consume food, such as dishes, glasses and cooking equipment, which are made of modified ABS and certified for gastronomic and medical uses. The first press started on November 5th 2015 and when the whole bar is finished, Martì will start to print the food too. Inside the bar, Martì organize events with concerts, presentation and food session.

Here, food design is brought to its most radical form where technology and innovation, art and business are what make up this bar, expressing the business model as an artistic discipline.

L’ex designer website

”Food Design” and ”Food Designer”  for Martì Guixè

Food design consist to apply a design way to the search for solutions to problems set out by the food sector, and a food designer is somebody working with food, with no idea of cooking.


I suggest you his book ‘food designing’ where you can better understand his concept of food design. This book is divided into three parts, where the first part includes a series of pictures of commercial food selected by him, the second part where he talks about his theories of food design, and the third part that includes all his projects.

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