Atoma by Alexandra Genis

Aggiornamento: 29 gen 2019

In  food  industry  there  is  a  big part  operating  with  more  than  2000  of  molecules  to  made  the  flavour  profiles  of  the products that we buy. ATOMA  responds  to  this  circumstance  by  taking  industrial  molecules  and  adapting  them  for  the  easy  use  in  the  domestic  kitchen. Indeed ATOMA is  a  collection  of  spices  which  create  flavour  by  nothing  else  but  pure  molecules,  inspiring  consumers  to  combine,  explore  and  experiment  with  different  flavouring  combinations. They are made with a 3d-printed, casted in cocoa-butter and flavoured with the according molecu- le can be rasped over food.

Alexandra, just graduated from Design Academy of Eindhoven, during her exhibition in the duth design week, I talked to her about what food design can be today and what it can do to help people.

 ”Food design could help human fix their relationship with physical things such as their own bodies and the envirorment… design has the potential to change human prespective on material reality. ”   

This is what she think about what food design can do.

For more information read the article on the dutch institute of design

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