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Food is always the protagonist of the most important and main events in Milan in terms of aesthetics, sustainability, food experience and business. During the second week of May, the ”food week” I was lucky enough to visit one of the most important food events, in my opinion, in Milan, I’m speaking about Seeds & Chips – Global Food Innovation Summit, the world’s leading food innovation event exploring real solutions at every point in the global food chain.

You have the opportunity to speak with the world’s greatest experts and discover the best startups on the planet, or even find people ready to share new ideas with you and stay in touch for future work. I was also present last year where I was able to attend a Barack Obama conference and this year in an interview with John F.Kerry 68th U.S. Secretary of State, where he dealt with problems related to the environment and where there is the sustainability of a world that “will see the population increase from 7 billion to 9 billion over the next 15 years”. “On this planet we have to take back the fundamental understanding of the truth and take back the foundations of science or it will be difficult to make decisions.” There is no planet B.

Fortunately there was a special event call ”Farmers of the future: accelerating innovation to feed the world” which I think was the most important event because was focalized on food security for all. The world need a new generation of farmers who can make the transition from subsistence to professional farming and therewith achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability. High level policy makers and young farmers will talk about accelerating innovation and improving access to technology for smallholder farmers to be able to feed the world.

John F.Kerry also present to ”Give Me 5”, an opportunity for startups to sit and meet the most influential people in the field and have their undivided attention for 5 minutes. During these 5 minutes they can speak without interruption and ask questions, show their products.

After that event I was lucky to cook for a show cooking at TasteOfMilano with Marco Giarratana alias Uomosenzatonno which I hosted last summer at my home, during his Tonnointour, in Puglia to let him discover the flavors of my land. we cooked against another team to prepare delicious finger food that would take back the flavors of southern Italy.


Last stop will be in Parma, the creative city of gastronomy UNESCO. famous for Parmigiano Reggiano, Parma ham and many other typical Italian products. The event that took place here is called Cibus international food exhibition, where I could find all the best products on the market and especially the most innovative products that large companies will put on the market very soon. But the most important part, in my opinion, has been the presence of the Future Food Institute, which is an Italian-based non-profit with global horizons that aims to build a world’s fair through a world-class breed of innovators, boosting entrepreneurial potential and improving agri-food expertise and tradition.

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